Online Payments

Online Payment

Welcome to the City's online bill payment center

You can pay Real Estate, Personal Property, Motor Vehicle and
Boat Excise Taxes and Water and Sewer bills through UniPay Gold, a convenient and secure service offered by UniBank. 


Effective March 2, 2021,  UniPay Gold will be increasing the fee for an ACH transaction from $ 0.25 to $ 0.50 per transaction.


Bills that you can currently pay online are:

Quincy Bill Payment Center Information

There are two online payment options:

Pay via Electronic Check (ACH) with a $0.25 processing fee per transaction. (Please note that Effective March 2, 2021,  UniPay Gold will be increasing the fee for an ACH transaction from $ 0.25 to $ 0.50 per transaction.)

Pay via Credit Card (Master Card or Discover) with fees determined by the credit card provider as noted in the Credit Card Fee Schedule.

The process to pay online is simple.  With your bill and checkbook or credit card in hand, click on any of the Online Payment links above.

NOTE: For Electronic Check payments do not use a deposit slip to determine your bank’s routing number because it may contain your financial institution's internal routing numbers that are not part of the actual ABA routing number. Check with your financial institution to verify the correct routing number.

No Waiver of Fees or Interest

If the website is inoperable for any reason, please note that interest and fees cannot be waived.If the website is inoperable, payments can be made at city hall, by mail, or deposited in the lockbox outside city hall (next to the atm) when city hall is closed.

Parking Tickets

Parking Tickets are processed To leave and make a parking violation payment please click here