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Quincy Develops Online Trail Hub to Encourage Health and Wellness

Quincy Develops Online Trail Hub to Encourage Health and Wellness

The City of Quincy’s Department of Natural Resources has developed a GIS-based trail map and website to encourage residents enjoy their local natural resources and get some much needed fresh air and exercise this Spring. The map highlights trails through parks and open spaces in Quincy neighborhoods including Squaw Rock Park, Merrymount Park, Faxon Park, Nut Island Park, Wollaston Shore Reservation, Blue Hills Reservation, Squantum Point Park, The Crusher, and many more. There are currently 18 different trails in total included on the site.

The online maps can be found on the Natural Resources section of the City website by clicking here. The project was led by Environmental Scientist Julie Sullivan with assistance from Department of Natural Resources Intern Jacqueline Devin and GIS Coordinator Stephen Washburn.

“Most Quincy residents don’t realize the incredible opportunities that exist right here in Quincy to enjoy nature and exercise at the same time,” said Commissioner of Natural Resources Dave Murphy. “This past year has only reinforced the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and what better way to get and stay healthy than taking a walk through a beautiful local park or open space.”

In addition to location and trail information, the program shares interesting facts about the history and natural landscape of each location. The project was inspired by the idea that inventorying Quincy’s vast trail network would help residents locate and explore the picturesque coastal, salt marsh, and inland areas where the trails are located.

Hiking is a powerful cardio workout that can lower the risk of heart disease; improve your blood pressure, and blood sugar levels, and boost bone density, since walking is a weight-bearing exercise. The pandemic has heightened awareness of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and access to outdoor areas has played an essential part in supporting physical and mental wellbeing throughout the course of this challenging year.

Added Murphy, “This past year was one of the most active seasons in Quincy’s parks and trail networks as many gyms were closed due to COVID-19 restrictions. We had countless people connecting and reconnecting with our park system for exercise and fresh air. Our park system played in important role in getting through the pandemic and we think our parks can play an equally important role in helping enhance health and wellness for our residents going forward.”