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Drug Control Unit Discovers Illegal Pill Manufacturing Operation

Drug Control Unit Discovers Illegal Pill Manufacturing Operation

On January 6, 2021, the Quincy Police Drug Control Unit was investigating a possible Drug Trafficking Organization out of a rental garage facility located in the residential area of Wollaston. Detectives discovered a large-scale, illegal pill manufacturing operation based in a single-stall rental garage on the property. Detectives also discovered a large quantity of fentanyl, powder base precursors, and commercial-grade pharmaceutical pill presses and machinery used in manufacturing. All of theses illegal items were self-contained in a portable trailer.

Detectives secured the site and determined there was no danger to the public. Detectives then contacted the Quincy police detective Task Force Officer assigned to the Boston office of the Drug Enforcement Administration - DEA . This activated the DEA Clandestine Lab Response Team. The decision was made to tow the trailer and secure it at police headquarters.

The purpose of the response team is to professionally and safely dismantle the equipment, along with the neutralization and disposal of all chemicals associated with the operation.

The partnership between Quincy Police and DEA, along with the collaboration of the Task Force Officer initiative, demonstrates the importance of local and federal agencies working together to ensure the safety of our communities and the proper disposal of illegal materials.

The investigation with our federal partners in ongoing.

Agents dressed in hazmat suits unleading commerical-grade machinery