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Quincy is Moving Forward with Quincy Community Electricity (QCE)

Quincy is Moving Forward with Quincy Community Electricity (QCE)

On April 23, 2018, the City Council approved a resolution directing the Mayor’s office to research, develop and implement an electricity aggregation plan. The plan describes a program to create a new default electricity supply for Quincy residents and businesses. Instead of utilizing the electricity supply from National Grid, Quincy will bundle together the electricity usage of its residents and businesses and put out a Request for Proposal for electricity suppliers to provide the electricity supply. With the program, the City is able to:

  • make strategic decisions about when to solicit bids;
  • lock in fixed pricing for multiple years; and
  • increase the amount of renewable energy above the existing statewide minimum.

The City selected aggregation consultant Good Energy, L.P. to develop and implement a community electricity aggregation program. The aggregation plan has been developed by Good Energy with the assistance Quincy municipal officials with the goal of:

  • providing residents and businesses with more stable electricity rates;
  • additional options for renewable energy; and
  • the potential for lower electricity prices, although savings cannot be guaranteed.

To give Quincy residents and businesses an opportunity to give input into the development of the electricity aggregation program, the City of Quincy will conduct a public review process from November 9 to December 7 culminating in a public hearing on its Draft Quincy Community Electricity (QCE) program plan on December 7. The public review process is an opportunity for residents and businesses to add their voice to the ways that electricity should be sourced for Quincy’s community. The plan and details for the public hearing can be found on the aggregation website Copies of the plan are also available for review at City Hall Lobby and at the Thomas Crane Library. The Library copy must be reserved in advance.

The Draft Quincy Community Electricity (QCE) program plan will be submitted to the Department of Public Utilities (DPU), including any public comments, for their approval. The very comprehensive DPU approval process is expected to take 6 to 8 months. After approval of the plan, Quincy will join over 150 Massachusetts communities with approved aggregation plans.

All Quincy residential and small business accounts on the Basic Service of National Grid will be eligible to participate in the aggregation. As the DPU approval process progresses, Good Energy will conduct a comprehensive public outreach and education campaign to inform residents and businesses about the QCE. After a competitive bid is accepted, a Customer Notification Letter will be mailed to all eligible customers and provide program details.

About Good Energy, LP: Good Energy, LP is the national and Massachusetts leader in municipal aggregation known more commonly as Community Electricity Aggregation. Good Energy currently has more than 225 active Community Electricity Aggregation programs nationally, serving over 2,000,000 residents. In Massachusetts, Good Energy has 42 Community Electricity Aggregation programs with over 390,000 households and over 992,000 residents.