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1984 COLD CASE: Do you recognize these girls?

1984 COLD CASE: Do you recognize these girls?

Colleen Orsburn was 15 years old when she disappeared from her home in Daytona Beach on March 14, 1984. One month later, a young woman’s remains were found partially buried in a field in Orange County Florida. Due to the limitations of technology at the time, the remains went unidentified for nearly 27 years. In 2011, the Medical Examiner’s Office utilized new technology and was able to successfully identity Colleen Orsburn.

Colleen’s killer is suspected to be serial killer Christopher Wilder.

Her case in Orange County has remained open and active for decades but new leads on this case have come to a halt. Recently the Orange County Sheriff’s Office Cold Case Unit took a fresh look at Colleen’s case and located some photos of young women in the case file.

While the photos were weathered, detectives were able to determine they were taken by Miller Studio Photographers in Quincy, Massachusetts in the early 1980’s. The photos appear to be school pictures and were primarily addressed to another person named ‘Jen’ or ‘Jennie’.

Now detectives in Orange County are teaming up with detectives in Quincy to try and track down these girls in these pictures from 1984 to see if they have any information about the Colleen Orsburn case.

If you recognize the girls in these photos, or know who they may have been addressed to (Jen or Jennie), please contact the Orange County Sheriff’s Office Cold Case Team at:  or Call Corporal Dave Nutting at: 407-254-7000 Ext. 70538. You may also contact Quincy Police Detective Sergeant David Pacino at 617-745-5721 or