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Over 16 Miles of Roadway Work is Underway Across Quincy

Over 16 Miles of Roadway Work is Underway Across Quincy

The City of Quincy’s Department of Public Works will be making improvements to 115 roads across the City in 2020. After completing 100 roads in 2019, the City will now begin work for this next slated group for water, sewer or roadways.

The D.P.W. will be replacing up to 5.3 miles of 6-inch to 20-inch diameter old water main pipes throughout the City in 2020. Work will include the replacement of several hydrants and water gate valves. The City also anticipates the open cut replacement of 1.3 miles of sewer and the cured-in-place (interior) lining of an additional 3.4 miles of sewer. The sewer projects are being funded by the MWRA financial assistance program and low interest State Revolving Fund (SRF) loans.

In addition, the City will be using SRF loans to replace the sewer and drainage pump station located at the Strand, the road that runs parallel to Quincy Shore Drive in Beechwood Knoll. The sewer utility work is expected to begin in March 2020 and the water main work will commence in April 2020.

The DPW will also be completing the roadwork that was started on Gordon Street, Harrison Street and Winslow Road in 2020 and will be reconstructing an additional 6.2 miles of roadway and replacing over 12 miles of curbing and sidewalk. Work is also expected to commence in spring 2020.

“The City of Quincy’s DPW is prepared for over 16 miles of roadway work, water main repairs and sewer work,” said Mayor Thomas P. Koch. “This work is in addition to the regular maintenance of water, sewer and drainage systems, pothole repairs and street sweeping across the City.”

City of Quincy ward councilors will be hosting community meetings with representatives from the Dept. of Public Works and contractors to discuss what to expect during the construction. Flyers will be delivered to each neighborhood to notify each community of parking restrictions and street closures during the work. For any questions, please contact the D.P.W. at 617 376-1900.