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K9 Spotlight: Meet Quincy Police Canine Luna

K9 Spotlight: Meet Quincy Police Canine Luna

Meet Canine Luna - the birthday girl!

Happy 3rd birthday Luna! Luna, a Belgian Malinois, joined the Quincy Police Department in 2018 as the canine partner of Officer Paul Jackson. Luna is one of only a few female dual purpose dogs in the northeast region. She is a certified dual purpose Patrol / Explosive Ordinance Detection (EOD) canine.

Since graduating the academy in 2019, Luna has been building quite the resume! In under a year, Luna has tracked a suspected hit & run driver who was hiding in a marshy area in Marina Bay, tracked a stolen vehicle suspect and recovered several items stolen from the vehicle, recovered money stolen from an armed robbery, assisted with the apprehension of a combative suspect assaulting officers, and helped track a suicidal individual. A few weeks ago, Luna successfully located a firearm that a man had discarded after fleeing from our Drug Control Unit. In addition, Luna has assisted in building searches, firearms searches, and provided mutual aid to other cities and towns, including the Boston Marathon.

Together, Officer Jackson and Luna graduated the Boston Police K9 Academy, completing 14 weeks of patrol training followed by 10 weeks of EOD training. Luna is also certified by the Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF) in odor detection. The Quincy Police Department received funding for K9 Luna, and her support equipment, via the Federal Homeland Security Urban Areas Security Initiative (UASI) Program.

Officer Jackson and Canine Luna are currently assigned to the first half patrol shift (4pm-12am).

Wishing you the happiest birthday, Luna!

canine luna on the beach wearing a birthday princess sash with a happy birthday bone in the sand