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City Replacing Skateboard Park at Pond Street Playground

City Replacing Skateboard Park at Pond Street Playground

Mayor Thomas Koch announced that the City of Quincy is replacing its skatepark with a new skatepark this Spring. Site preparations are already underway and park construction will occur during the Spring months. Located at the Pond Street Playground, the original skatepark was constructed in 1999.

The new park will be a significant improvement in style and design from the original. The park will feature multiple bowls, turndown walls, top decks, ledges, banks, and a variety of elements for all skill levels. The park was designed with help from local residents and by Pillar Design Studios, viewed as one of the best skatepark design companies in the country.

“People of all ages and walks of life now participate in skateboarding,” said Mayor Thomas Koch. “This project was a grass-roots effort started by residents that wanted a better place to skate. I applaud their participation in the process and look forward to seeing them at the new park.”

The project was put out to bid in late-2019. Artisan/Adira Skateparks was the lowest qualified builder. Artisan is widely-considered the best skatepark contractor in the business. The construction cost of the project bid was $473,000. Funding for the project is coming from Federal community development funds.

“We aim to meet the needs and interests of all our residents for use of our park system,” said Commissioner of Natural Resources Dave Murphy. “Our skateboarding community is growing and we should be providing them the opportunity to enjoy their preferred recreation right here in Quincy without having them to travel to other communities. I am excited to see the new park open this year.”