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Crime Watch

Crime Watch

Recently, there has been an uptick in complaints of questionable businesses roaming about Quincy, offering services such as paving, masonry and landscaping. These companies may or may not have logos on their vehicles but this does not make them legitimate.  Concerns have been made by family members of seniors who have been approached by these companies, who come to their door with offers to fix up their properties.  There have been isolated complaints of high pressure tactics as well as intimidation.  The representative has the resident sign an often lengthy and confusing contract with an elevated price estimate.  The key word is “estimate” since once the work is done, the representative can pressure the homeowner to pay additional costs.  One of the problems that arises is when one neighbor hires a company to do some work (without knowing anything about them) and then other neighbors believe that the company must be credible so they too hire the company.  Until someone questions the company’s work reliability and pricing, many people can become victims of scams.  These companies are hard to track down (done intentionally) which makes it difficult to recover any losses.

These unethical and often shady “fly by night” companies exist because there are plenty of potential victims out there.  They tend to prey on senior citizens.  As family members, neighbors and concerned citizens, it is important to remind anyone vulnerable to these scams that they should contact a trusted person before signing any contract.

There are numerous well respected companies in the Quincy area that provide services you may need and they come with verifiable references, Better Business Bureau ratings and recommendations within the community. 

As always, if you feel that you are a victim of a shady business offer, contact the Quincy Police Department at (617) 479-1212.  For additional information, contact me, Lieutenant Dan Minton at (617) 745-5719.