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A Heart Warming "Thank You" We Recently Received

A Heart Warming "Thank You" We Recently Received

A heart warming story we recently received:

"I was working the Children’s Hospital suite for a Revs game the end of June. It was there I met the Anderson family. They are from Indiana & their twins Caleb & Kaitlyn are both patients at Boston Children's Hospital. Sue (Mom) was out here with them as Dad was back at home with their other daughter. We started talking & Caleb actually receives an infusion treatment like my Dad. So every 3-4 weeks they have to fly out here for the kids to go to Children’s & Caleb to get his infusion. She was asking if I had suggestions of things to do around town that didn’t cost a ton of $$ because the expenses they have for travel & co-pays for treatment are huge but she also wants the kids to have fun & not just think of Boston as hospital visits. I took her number & said I’d call in a couple days.... I called Lt. Gillan [of the Marine Unit] to ask of the chances of getting them a boat ride. He was amazing & said no problem that he & Officer Curran would take them out. The kids we so excited! It was on the boat Caleb told Bob [Lt. Gillan] when he grew up he wanted to be a K9 Officer. Bob called Officer Yee & they met him & his dog after the boat ride. They had an amazing day! Fast forward 3 weeks & they are back again for treatment. Kent [Officer Yee] met them again yesterday & brought the new dog too! He showed them some of the training exercises they do with the dogs & even let them try! Sue sent me tons of pictures & said that she was so appreciative of their kindness."

Thank you, Jen, for the sharing this with us. We are glad we were able to help them forget the stress of hospital visits, if only for a short time. Wishing them the very best.

Marine Unit officers with young boy, girl, and mother