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Tree Planting Along Washington Street

Tree Planting Along Washington Street

Over the past few weeks, crews have been working along Washington Street in Quincy Point planting 25 new trees.

With the Fore River Bridge construction now complete, sidewalks along this main road in the Quincy Point community have been replaced and traffic lights have been installed to monitor and maximize traffic flow along Route 3A. In addition, a host of new businesses are now moving in along Washington St. to serve the community.

“The tree plantings are the next right thing as far as the Washington St. corridor,” said Ward 2 Councillor and Council President Brad Croall, who spearheaded the idea and worked with Mayor Thomas P. Koch and Natural Resources Commissioner David Murphy to move the effort forward.

25 new trees have been planted including 20 new Summer Snow Japanese Lilac trees along the corridor, 3 new White Oak and 2 Armstrong Red Maples in select locations.

125 new trees are being planted throughout Quincy neighborhoods this summer.

Trees help clean the air and retain water during storms as well as buffer properties from strong winds and sun so they often save property owners money by reducing heating and cooling needs. Trees also lessen street noise and provide habitat for birds.

“We plant trees not for our children’s children but for our children’s children’s children,” Mayor Koch said, borrowing from of an old Native American adage. The Mayor added: “It’s really about the future. How are we going to leave society and can we leave it a little bit better.”

Workers Planting Trees on Washington Street

Photo Caption:  Last week, crews worked along Washington St. to complete the neighborhood’s tree planting. Photo by Lisa Aimola, City of Quincy