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Free Shade Trees Available Through D.C.R.’s Greening the Gateway Cities Program

Free Shade Trees Available Through D.C.R.’s Greening the Gateway Cities Program

For the third year in a row, the Department of Conservation and Recreation recently announced the 2019 Greening The Gateway Cities Program. Quincy property owners in designated sections of North Quincy/Wollaston, and Germantown/Snug Harbor, are eligible for free trees to be planted on their properties. To be considered, properties need to fall within certain boundaries deemed by D.C.R. To ensure the tree’s survival, the property owner must commit to watering the new trees for a period of at least two years, while the tree roots are established. The program has already planted 869 trees in Quincy. The goal is to plant another 400 trees this season.

Trees can be planted anywhere on the property, including rear, side, or front yards. Residents can pick from a wide selection and obtain advice on appropriate trees for the available space. Popular varieties among Quincy residents are ginkos, elms, oaks, lindens, cherries, and serviceberries, but residents can select from about 80 different varieties. Trees can be planted on either private or public property.

To participate, residents should contact the Department of Conservation and Recreation at (617) 626-1570. A DCR forester will meet the owners to discuss what trees would be appropriate, and to help owners select the best tree for the space available. Chinese-speaking residents who need translation should call Quincy Asian Resources Inc. at (617) 472-2200 and ask about the ‘Free Trees’ program. QARI is the local outreach agency for this program, and they will work with residents to ensure they understand the program details.

This opportunity is part of the Greening the Gateway Cities Program. “Recently, the 20,000th tree was planted in Massachusetts at North Quincy High School thanks to this program. Governor Charlie Baker helped plant 3 seedless Sweetgum trees out in front of N.Q.H.S,” shared Mayor Thomas P. Koch. Trees help clean the air and retain water during storms, and buffer properties from strong winds and sun, so they often save property owners money by reducing heating and cooling needs. Trees also lessen street
noise and provide habitat for birds.

The North Quincy/Wollaston eligible planting area is between Quincy Shore Drive, Beach St/Beale St, Belmont St, Squantum St, Hancock St, and Sagamore St. The Germantown/Snug Harbor eligible area is bounded by the section of Sea St between Braintree Ave, Utica Ave. towards Cat Island, and both sides of Palmer St, out to the Fore River. For more information, please click here