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The City of Quincy Asks for Residents Help in Keeping the City Beautiful

The City of Quincy Asks for Residents Help in Keeping the City Beautiful

New Commissioner of Natural Resources Dave Murphy is encouraging Quincy residents to help the City look beautiful by maintaining the grass border along the sidewalk in front of their homes. The grass strip is typically used for tree plantings and general aesthetics.

Many homes have a small strip of grass in front of their property between the sidewalk and the street. Historically, residents have maintained this area and the City does not have the resources to maintain them.

“I urge residents to help out by doing their part to keep the city neat and clean”, said Murphy. “The maintenance of that grass border helps define the look of the street and I respectfully ask residents to do their part. Most residents do a great job in maintaining the grass borders and I am grateful for that.”

The Department of Natural Resources will be restoring the City’s “Neat Neighbors” program where residents are recognized for keeping their properties beautiful. Mayor Koch is expanding the program this year to recognize businesses that maintain and beautify their properties. More details on the contest will be released after Memorial Day.

Adds Murphy, “Beautification is a team effort. We are making substantial investments in the beautification of our city. Our downtown has been transformed by the Hancock/Adams Common; we are investing in parks in every neighborhood throughout Quincy; and we are planting trees all around the city. Now we need the ongoing help of our residents in keeping our streets neat and clean. Working together, we can keep our neighborhoods looking great.