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Officers Mar and Whedbee Receive the "Extra Mile Community Award"

Officers Mar and Whedbee Receive the "Extra Mile Community Award"

Congratulations to Community Police Officers Greg Mar and Jim Whedbee on receiving the "Extra Mile Community Award" from Quincy Community Action Programs, Inc. (QCAP) last night.

“The City of Quincy’s commitment to community policing is a wonderful example of its dedication to its neighborhoods. Assigned to the Southwest Quincy/Brewer’s Corner neighborhood, Officer Jim Whedbee checks in at QCAP’s Southwest Community Food Center when on duty. He talks with clients and always has a police badge sticker handy for the young children. His presence is a comfort to the neighborhood and its residents, as well as the staff and volunteers at the Food Center.

What distinguishes Jim and fellow community officer Greg Mar is their genuine interest in helping those in need. The Food Center has difficulty finding regular volunteers to cover the early morning shift on Fridays, which entails unloading our weekly food delivery from the Greater Boston Food Bank. Officers Whedbee and Mar responded to our plea for held and faithfully arrive on Friday mornings at 7:30 a.m. to do the heavy lifting. They have unloaded, stacked, and organized more than 6,000 pounds of food. They make food order bags, sort donated food items, break down boxes, and help clients out with their groceries. Jim has also encouraged others to volunteer including his own children.

Officer Jim and Greg always go the “Extra Mile,” and their dedication to QCAP clients and the Food Center is commendable.” - QCAP

Officers Mar and Whedbee at Food Center

Officers Mar and Whedbee working at the Food Center.