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City Wide Playground and Park Improvements Continue

City Wide Playground and Park Improvements Continue

Mayor Thomas Koch recently announced the Spring and Summer 2019 schedule for playground replacements throughout Quincy’s neighborhoods. More than 25 playgrounds are being upgraded as part of Mayor Koch’s initiative to provide high-quality parks and playgrounds in every neighborhood.

This Spring work will be ongoing at Atherton Hough School in Hough’s Neck, Boyson Playground in Adams Shore, Flynn Playground on Elm Street, Mass Fields Playground in Wollaston, and the Stoney Brae Playground adjacent to the Furnace Brook Golf Course. Playground equipment will also be added to the Kincaide Park renovation project in Southwest Quincy and new swings will be added to Forbes Hill Playground.

This summer work will be undertaken to replace playgrounds at Montclair School, Parker School in North Quincy, and Snug Harbor School in Germantown. This Fall, renovations are planned for Bishop Field Playground in Montclair, O’Rourke Park Playground in West Quincy, Welcome Young Playground in North Quincy, and the Whitwell Street Playground on Hospital Hill. Plans are also being drawn up to improve the playgrounds at LaBrecque Field in Hough’s Neck, Collins Rest-a-While in Merrymount Park, and Flaherty Park in West Quincy.

Renovations were substantially completed last year at Beechwood Knoll School, Marshall School, Bradford Park, Lincoln-Hancock School, Wollaston School, Fore River Field, Faxon Park, and Bernazanni School.

“We have been making quality of life investments in a variety of important areas, including our parks and playgrounds,” said Mayor Thomas Koch. “Each and every neighborhood in Quincy will benefit from this program and a generation of young people will enjoy high-quality playground facilities as a result. I want to thank the City Council and the Community Preservation Committee for their support of this important endeavor.”

New rubber surfacing is being added to the City’s playgrounds to improve handicap accessibility. The rubber surfacing increases access to a variety of play elements.

In addition to the playground improvement initiative, Mayor Koch is also investing more than $30 million for other park and recreational facility upgrades throughout the city. His park capital improvement plan included the construction of the Hancock-Adams Common and major facility upgrades to tennis courts, basketball courts, ballfields, and other significant improvements in every neighborhood in the city.