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City of Quincy Adding "Shower Rooms" to Fire Stations

City of Quincy Adding "Shower Rooms" to Fire Stations

In an effort to eliminate any contamination of carcinogens to the living quarters in Quincy Fire Stations and try to reduce cancer rates in the fire service, the City of Quincy has started building new “shower rooms” last week.

These new rooms will be equipped with new bathrooms, showers, new industrial extractors for bunker gear and new washers and dryers for work uniforms. IAFF Local 792 Quincy Firefighters have worked with Quincy’s Director of Public Buildings Paul Hines on the specific design of the rooms.

The creative design solution helps members come back from fires and have the ability to remove and wash both their bunker gear and work uniforms and be able to take a hot shower within the window of an hour.

“The well-being for our firefighters is of extreme importance. This new build will help improve health related issues for the men and efficiency for their process,” said Mayor Thomas P. Koch. “The members of Local 792 have been at the forefront nationally when it comes to advocating for new and creative ways to protect the health and safety of their brothers, and I am proud of the partnership we have built together.”

Added Local 792 in a statement:

“The cancer risks our members face on a daily basis are all too real, and must do everything we can to protect their long-term health. We are thankful for the ongoing collaboration with the City on this and other safety measures important to our members.”

The first “shower room” is being installed in North Quincy’s Engine 2.