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City of Quincy to Implement Alert Notification System

City of Quincy to Implement Alert Notification System

On January 31, 2019, the City of Quincy will implement and activate a City wide emergency and community notification system. The system entitled “Alert Quincy” will be delivered through OnSolve, a nationwide leader in emergency network communications. The Alert Quincy messaging system will provide City public safety officials with the capability to quickly and effectively disseminate information to citizens during emergencies and other critical situations, by sending alerts via phone calls, text messages, and emails. “We anticipate City Officials utilizing the alert system in emergency situations such as impending storms, flood warnings, missing persons, and crime alerts,” said Mayor Thomas P. Koch. “The Alert Quincy system will strengthen communication across the city. It can also be used to inform the public of community advisories such as parking bans and street closures.”

Although OnSolve has provided the City with a preliminary initial database of telephone numbers for the Alert Quincy system, all Quincy residents and those who work in the City are strongly encouraged to enroll with contact information including home phone, cell phone, and email addresses. The City will conduct a preliminary test call to all residents with telephone numbers in the initial database on January 31, 2019 at 2:00 PM to ensure messages are delivered and encourage registration of all contact methods.

“No one should automatically assume their contact information is included, and if your phone number is not in the database you will not be called,” Quincy Emergency Management Director Ally Sleiman said, urging all Quincy residents and businesses follow the link to the Alert Quincy Enrollment page located here. Required information includes first and last name, street address (physical address, no P.O. boxes), city, state, zip code, and primary phone number, any additional phone numbers, and email addresses should be entered as well. Your information is private and confidential.

The Alert Quincy system will provide individuals with the ability to add and update their own phone numbers and email addresses directly into the system's database, which is a very important feature. Sleiman explained, "Alert Quincy allows geographically based delivery, which means street addresses are required to ensure emergency notification calls are received by the proper individuals in a given situation. The system works for cell phones as well, but an associated street address is required with the cell number so relevant messages can be provided”.

Residents that require assistance with registration or have general questions regarding the Alert Quincy notification system should contact the City of Quincy Office of Emergency Management at (617) 376-1105.