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Paving Kicks Off for Main Roads Throughout the City

Paving Kicks Off for Main Roads Throughout the City

The Quincy Department of Public Works has begun a major roadway and water main replacement initiative across the City of Quincy. The work is part of a 5-year Capital Improvement Plan.

A pavement condition index evaluation has been completed and the data been joined with the City’s assessment on the age of water pipes and NGrid’s proposed gas main work. The comprehensive evaluation of each city street is used to determine the level of work each roadway requires and helps determine the priority in which the work will be completed.

“Water mains and other utilities require coordinated efforts before the repaving of many roads can be addressed,” said Mayor Thomas P. Koch. “We evaluate the age and condition of each street to determine the work needed.”

Gateway streets across the city are heavily traveled and subject to high impact. A micro-sealing treatment, which is a new process to the city, is applied as a top coat to help extend the life of these busy roadways. Before the micro-seal is applied, existing trenches are repaired, existing cracks are sealed, a leveling course of asphalt is applied and utility castings are adjusted.

Road work is in process on Harvard Street, West Street, East Squantum Street from Quincy Shore Drive to the 5 corners intersection at North Quincy High School, and Quincy Avenue. Additional leveling and micro-seal work will be done on Liberty Street, Washington Street, Elm Street, School Street and Bellevue Road.

Full depth reclamations of additional roads will be completed after new water mains and gas mains are installed. Reclamation includes the removing the worn out asphalt down to the underlying soil subbase and rebuilding the surface with new asphalt. New water main work began this summer and will continue through the end of the year. Roadway reclamation is expected to begin in spring 2019. These streets include Narragansett Road, Samoset Avenue, Kittredge Avenue, Ruggles Street, South Street, Taylor Street, Greystone Street, Hill Street, McDonald Street, Westford Street, Station Street, Kidder Street and North Payne Street.

Garfield Street, Payne Street and Winslow Road will have new utilities installed and the asphalt on each street will be milled and overlayed with new asphalt.

Asphalt crack sealing is taking place across the city on several streets, and during the spring through fall of 2019, new utilities, utility maintenance and additional paving work will continue.