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Winter 2018 Storm Repairs Wrap Up

Winter 2018 Storm Repairs Wrap Up

Crews this season completed work on $3.4 million worth of emergency repairs to coastal infrastructure, includes roads and seawalls, that suffered devastating damage during the March Nor’easter.

The repairs were part of an emergency response program initiated by Mayor Thomas Koch and approved by the City Council in the weeks and months following the storm, which ravaged parts of Merrymount, Adams Shore, Post Island and Houghs Neck.

“We completed a great deal of work in a very short period of time to get conditions back to at least where they were prior to the storm,” said Mayor Koch. “We still have much work to do in protecting our coastal neighborhoods for the future, but I’m comfortable in saying that by working together, our community’s response to this disaster was second to none. I’m grateful to the City Council; our DPW team, our lead engineers at Woodard & Curran and Tighe & Bond; and all the workers who contributed to this emergency effort.”

For a breakdown of the work completed since the storm, please view the press release here.

Work has been funded by the City of Quincy (council order 2018-064 for $2.9M & 2018-077 for $500,000) for a total of $3.4M. That amount does not include debris removal, emergency protective services including Quincy Fire Dept, Quincy Police Dept. & Dept. of Public Works, shelter support and other services provided during and after the storm.

Norfolk County has received a federal disaster declaration. The City of Quincy is working with FEMA & MEMA to begin the application process for reimbursement of 75% of the total approved damage costs through the Public Assistance Program. FEMA has set a goal to for communities to complete Winter Storm Riley clean up by Dec 2019.