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Bike Sharing Program Change

Bike Sharing Program Change

Mayor Thomas P. Koch announced today that the City of Quincy will be transitioning its dockless bike sharing program to Lime after ofo announced a dramatic reduction in its North American operations over the weekend.

‘We are looking forward to a new partnership with Lime,’ said Mayor Koch. ‘The people of this City showed a great affinity for dockless bike sharing over the past few months, and we believe that Lime will be able to provide a long-term solution to those last-mile commuting challenges here in Quincy.’

Lime, which operates a fleet of bicycles, scooters and e-assisted bikes, recently won an RFP with the Metropolitan Area Planning Council to provide dockless bike sharing in 15 Massachusetts communities. Lime anticipates expanding its service on the South Shore in the coming weeks, and bringing the service to Quincy is a natural fit for the California based company.

“We are thrilled to bring our industry leading technology and operations to Quincy,” said Scott Mullen, Lime’s Director of Expansion Northeast. “Quincy will be the 16th municipality in the metro-Boston region to host Lime vehicles and we’re excited to offer a safe, reliable and fun transportation option for everyone.”

Ofo has committed to removing all Quincy-based bikes by July 27th, at which time ofo will no longer have any official operating capacity in Quincy. Lime will launch its Quincy operation strategically throughout the MBTA corridor and in certain popular areas identified during the ofo’s time in Quincy. Lime anticipates beginning operations in Quincy in early August.

The Quincy Department of Traffic, Parking, Alarm & Lighting can be contacted at 617-376-1936 with any questions about the departing ofo bikes or the incoming Lime bikes.