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Lieutenant Robert Gillan Receives the US Coast Guard Public Service Commendation

Lieutenant Robert Gillan Receives the US Coast Guard Public Service Commendation

On Friday, March 23, 2018, Captain Claudia Gelzer and Commander Lee Titus from the U.S. Coast Guard Base Boston presented Lieutenant Robert Gillan, of the Quincy Police Marine Unit, with the Coast Guard Public Service Commendation. The commendation is given to individuals "in recognition of notable services that have assisted greatly in furthering the aims and functions of the Coast Guard." Captain Gelzer recognized Lt. Gillan for his dedication and stated that Lt. Gillan and the members of the Quincy Police Marine Unit are "always at the ready for us...any hour... any day." The presentation was attended by Chief Paul Keenan.

The commendation reads:

"The Commandant of the United States Coast Guard takes great pleasure in presenting the Coast Guard Public Service Commendation to Lieutenant Robert Gillan, Harbormaster, Quincy, Massachusetts. Lieutenant Gillan is cited for commendable public service and significant contributions to support Coast Guard missions in the Port of Boston from May 2015 to June 2017. As a member of the Boston Area Maritime Security Committee, Lieutenant Gillan advanced numerous initiatives to improve the Port's emergency response posture. He expertly developed the maritime Preventative Radiological and Nuclear Detection Concept of Operations. As a result of his efforts, maritime law enforcement agencies across the City are poised to rapidly detect and identify illicit radiological devices moving throughout the Port, providing a robust deterrent to protect citizens from these extremely dangerous weapons. Additionally, the Commonwealth has adopted this framework as a model to develop a state-wide plan, ensuring a coordinated and holistic approach to radiation detection and response. Moreover, Lieutenant Gillan skillfully organized the ALERT 3 mass rescue exercise to comprehensively evaluate maritime first responder's ability to coordinate efforts in response to a downed commercial airline. This highly successful event significantly strengthened the area's mass rescue protocols and directly contributed to the response to the P/V MAJESTY grounding, resulting in the safe rescue of over 200 passengers. Demonstrating superior leadership, Lieutenant Gillan expertly directed security efforts in preparation for Sail Boston 2017, a DHS Special Event Assessment Rating Level I event. He completed numerous underwater sonar and dive surveys at key terminals and waterways to ensure the secure movembent of 51 tall ships from 14 countries. Moreover, he conducted exhaustive on-water patrols, establishing a highly visible security presence that ensured the safety of over 3 million visitors to the City of Boston. Finally, Lieutenant Gillan dramatically improved the Port's Maritime Domain Awareness (MDA) capabilities. He spearheaded a port assessment that laid the framework for implementation of the Massachusetts Coastal Camera Project, achieving nearly 100 percent MDA coverage throughout Boston Harbor. His efforts provided first responders with the ability to safely monitor and assess emergency operations, directly improving security and resilience of the Port. Lieutenant Gillan's dedication and leadership are most heartily commended and are in keeping with the highest traditions of the United States Coast Guard."

Congratulations, Lieutenant Gillan!