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Two Arrested Following Pursuit

On Tuesday, January 30, 2018, at approx. 6pm, members of the Quincy Police Drug Control Unit were conducting surveillance in the West Quincy section of the city. Detectives observed what they believed to be a drug transaction between the passenger of a red Chevy Van and resident of a home on Water Street. The passenger of the van, identified as Kimberly Haskins, had entered the home, stayed for a very short period of time, and exited. As she stood on the sidewalk waiting for the van to pick her up, detectives attempted to approach Ms. Haskins to investigate their beliefs that a drug transaction had just occurred inside the home. Detectives were also aware that there was an outstanding warrant for Ms. Haskins' arrest.

As detectives were approaching Ms. Haskins, the van pulled up just down the street from her location. Ms. Haskins turned, visually acknowledged the detective, and began running to the van. She was able to get into the van before detectives could approach her. The operator of the van, now identified as Alfred Iannaco, put the car in gear and accelerated around the detective's vehicle onto the wrong side of the road. He then fled from the area at a high rate of speed. Detectives activated their emergency lights in an attempt to stop the vehicle, but Mr. Iannanco refused to stop. As officers pursued the vehicle, they observed the van to strike a vehicle on Copeland Street. Mr. Iannaco was now travelling on what appeared to be a rim due to a blown tire. As he drove the vehicle, it was emitting large amounts of smoke and sparks were shooting from the wheel well. Iannaco then veered left up the one way section of West Street (going the wrong way), traveled across Centre St and back onto West St. At this point, the pursuit was terminated and all vehicles were instructed to follow only at a safe distance and speed. In the area of 264 West St, Iannaco intentionally crossed over the marked double yellow lines in an attempt to avoid the police. In doing so, Iannaco struck a red Chevy Silverado Pickup, breaking its driver's side mirror.

As all this was unfolding, Braintree PD was notified as the vehicle was now heading towards Braintree. The van then entered 93 North. The van exited 93 North onto Granite Ave, and was ultimately stopped by members of the Massachusetts State Police on Minot Street, Dorchester. Both parties were there then placed under arrest. A search of the van recovered a crack pipe.

Alfred Iannaco, 50, of Hull, was charged with Possession of Class B (Subsequent Offense), Failure To Stop For Police, Leaving The Scene of Property Damage (2 Counts), Operating a M/V Recklessly, and Defacing Real or Personal Property.

Kimbely Haskins, 38, of Intervale St, Quincy, was charged with Possession of Class B (Subsequent Offense), Knowingly Resisting Arrest, and Disorderly Person. She was also arrested on the outstanding warrant.

Both individuals are scheduled to be arraigned in Quincy District Court this morning.

To view a short video of the pursuit, click here

The video was published on Twitter by Ryan Somerfield (Twitter handle @ryan_somerfield)