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On Thursday, September 14, 2017, at approximately 11:00 a.m., Officer John O'Donnell was dispatched to Marina Drive to speak with the Maintenance Supervisor regarding a past larceny of bicycles. The Supervisor said that he believed that he just saw the suspect vehicle drive by within the last 4-5 minutes, describing the vehicle as an older red Jeep Grand Cherokee or Wagoneer, with a partial Vermont Reg. of EWL. Officer O'Donnell checked the area but was unable to locate the vehicle, so he returned to interview the Supervisor in depth. He said that one of the residents reported to him that she observed a suspicious vehicle (the Jeep) leave the underground garage. Officer O'Donnell interviewed the witness. She said she was taking out trash when she noticed a loud older Jeep with Vermont plates in the garage being operated by a "scruffy" male in his late-30's to40. She was able to get a partial plate. She noticed that the Jeep had several bicycles stowed in the rear. The vehicle then exited and she went to the area where she saw the vehicle coming from, which was in front of a bike rack where her son kept his bicycle. She noticed that the bicycle was gone and called management. A review of the security video provided a clear description of the suspect as he put bicycles in the back of his vehicle. It was also determined that the suspect vehicle may have a broken back window possibly caused by one of the bicycles shifting in the cargo area. This information was distributed to all Officers to be on the lookout for the suspect vehicle. Soon after, a victim of the bicycle thefts came forward and described his bicycle as a red Specialized brand valued at $3,000.

Later on the same day, Anti-Crime Officer Brandolini received information that the suspect vehicle had been seen on Spear Street. The Officer made numerous checks for the next few days with no results. On September 18th, at approximately 9:30 a.m., Officer Brandolini made another check on Spear Street and saw a male exit a house. The male fit the suspect description provided in Officer O'Donnell's report. The male jumped on a bicycle that was similar in description of one of the bicycles stolen. As Officer Brandolini neared the driveway of the residence in question, he observed a red Jeep Cherokee vehicle parked on Granville Avenue. The vehicle had a Vermont license plate that had the same digits provided by the witness where the thefts occurred. The rear window was broken. Officer Brandolini left the immediate area to avoid detection and then contacted Detective Karvelis, who was investigating the case. As Detective Karvelis headed to the area, the male suspect came back to the Spear Street address on the red Specialized bike. When the suspect parked the bicycle next to the Jeep, the Detective and the Officer approached him, asked for identification and detained him. Detective Karvelis advised the suspect of his Miranda Warnings and he volunteered to speak with the Officers. The suspect repeatedly stated that it was his bicycle. Detective Karvelis took a photo of the bike and sent it to the victim, who confirmed the bike as his based on markings on the bike. The suspect was advised of this and he confessed that the bike was stolen and that the Jeep was his. The suspect was transported to a Parker Street address, where additional bicycles were recovered.

Bret Martinson, 30, of Spear St, Quincy was arrested and charged with 5 counts of Receiving Stolen Property over $250 and 3 counts of Larceny from a Building. A total of 8 bikes, whose value totaled approx. $7,500, were recovered as a result of this investigation. Additional charges may be added once further victims are identified. If you live in the Marina Bay area, and were recently the victim of a bicycle theft, please reach out to Detective Landry at or Detective Karvelis at, as there are still two bicycles that have not been identified by their owners.