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Joint Training Session with Quincy Credit Union Employees

Joint Training Session with Quincy Credit Union Employees

The Quincy Health Department and the Quincy Police Department held a joint training session with Quincy Credit Union employees.

Recently, the Quincy Health Department, and The Quincy Police Department conducted 3 training sessions for Quincy Credit Union employees. The training was part of the “Dementia Friendly Quincy” initiative that began in August 2016 as a collaborative effort between the mayor’s office, the Quincy Council on Aging and The Quincy Health Department. Dementia Friendly depends on recognizing the signs of dementia and having the knowledge to effectively communicate with those who suffer cognitive disorders. Promoting a dementia friendly community helps support those living with dementia and their caregivers, to preserve their community connections and live safer, more fulfilled lives. Quincy Credit Union was the first non-medical community partner to participate in this training, consisting of an educational component and “the Dementia Experience”. To date approximately 900 people have participated in the training including Quincy Fire Department, Quincy Police Department and Quincy municipal employees.

Lieutenant Dan Minton of the Quincy Police Crime Prevention Unit spoke to Credit Union employees about identifying financial scams against elders. This included scams initiated by family members, caretakers as well as scams like “the grandchild in trouble” and the “you’ve won the lottery” mailings/emails, etc. Credit union management talked about the measures that are already in place to protect all members and to recognize potential scams. The focus of the presentation was that we all have a responsibility to protect those vulnerable to financial scams and that a proactive approach of reaching out to the police on their behalf is crucial.

For more information on the Dementia Friendly Quincy initiative, or if your organization is interested in free training, please contact Ruth Jones BSN, RN, BC, CP-FS at 617-376-1286 or Linda Bowes at 617-376-1245.

For more information on Crime Prevention programs, contact Lt. Dan Minton at 617-745-5719.