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City of Quincy to Conduct Smoke Testing

City of Quincy to Conduct Smoke Testing

In order to improve sewer service, on behalf of the City of Quincy, Weston & Sampson will be conducting smoke testing on portions of the sanitary sewer system from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, between August 7 and August 28, 2017. Testing will be performed in a selected area of City.

The inspection is being conducted as part of Quincy’s Wollaston Beach SSES – Phase 1 Project. The purpose of smoke testing is to locate sources of rainwater entering the sanitary sewer. By removing this extra flow, Quincy will reduce the amount of wastewater it sends to the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority (MWRA) sewer interceptors.

During the test, white smoke is introduced to the sanitary sewer system via a smoke-generating machine. During this procedure, white smoke will be venting from holes in manhole covers located in the street and from plumbing vent pipes located on or near your roof surface. THIS IS NORMAL AND SHOULD NOT CAUSE ALARM.

Smoke should not enter your premises unless there is either a dry trap in an unused fixture or a plumbing defect. You may wish to pour two gallons of water down your basement floor drain or unused plumbing fixture to ensure that the drain trap will be effective.

Should smoke be detected within your building, do not be alarmed. The smoke is NON-TOXIC, NON-STAINING, and dissipates quickly through open windows. IF YOU HAVE A LUNG AILMENT or RESPIRATORY CONDITION SUCH AS ASTHMA OR EMPHYSEMA, STAY AWAY FROM THE SMOKE. Any smoke within a building should be immediately reported to the persons conducting the tests.

Weston & Sampson company vehicles are gray or black with the company name on the sides and smoke testing personnel will have current Weston & Sampson ID card.

Any questions should be directed to Weston & Sampson at (617) 934-0026. Please leave a message including your name, address, and telephone number and you will be responded to promptly.