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Driver & Pedestrian Safety Public Service Announcements

Driver & Pedestrian Safety Public Service Announcements

Mayor Tom Koch, The Quincy Police Department and Quincy Community Access Television, have partnered to produce a series of Public Service Announcements addressing both driver and pedestrian safety issues across the City.  These video PSA’s will be released each Wednesday, over the next 5 weeks on the City of Quincy’s website (, the QPD homepage within the city’s site, Quincy Community Access Television and all associated Social Media platforms. These PSA’s will address issues such as, bicycle safety, school zone safety, emergency vehicle procedures, crosswalk signals, pedestrian awareness safety, distracted driving, mobile phone use and more. All 10 video PSA’s are hosted by Quincy Police Officer, Paul Coughlin.

Mayor Koch commented on the motivation for producing the PSA’s stating, “Improving safety for pedestrians, bicyclists and drivers is a major priority for us a City, and education is a key element of that.  We hope these public service announcements will get people thinking about their surroundings whether they are walking, riding on a bike or in a car.”

Quincy’s Chief of Police Paul Keenan added, "As Chief of Police, I am dedicated to making the City of Quincy a better and safer place for all the thousands of people who live, work or visit this great city. It is important as a City that we provide and allow safe and convenient transportation choices whether it’s walking, riding or driving.  Motorist, pedestrians and bicyclist should practice their due diligence to follow the rules of the road by obeying all traffic signs, signals, crosswalks and lane markings to ensure everyone stays safe.  We can enforce the laws and give advice, but ultimately, it’s the people of this City who must help us by doing their part to keep themselves and others safe from accidents.  As we head toward the warmer months of the year, it is my hope that by educating the public on safety, we reduce the number of pedestrian and bicycle accidents in our great City."

Quincy Community Access, Executive Director, Elizabeth Campbell remarked, “One of the roles of Quincy Access Television in the community is to inform and educate the citizens on issues pertaining to their well-being. We take our role seriously and partner with many organizations to achieve our mission. The following public service announcements, produced in cooperation with the Mayor's office and the Quincy Police Department, reflect the philosophy and commitment of all the participants towards making Quincy a peaceful and safer place to live."

View all 10 PSA videos using the links below.

Video 1 : Click here for the QPD Bicycle Safety PSA

Video 2 : Click here for the QPD School Zones PSA

Video 3 : Click here for the QPD Emergency Vehicles PSA

Video 4 : Click here for the QPD Crosswalk Safety PSA

Video 5 : Click here for the QPD Texting and Use of Mobile Phones While Driving PSA

Video 6 : Click here for the QPD Heads Up, Phones Down PSA

Video 7 : Click here for the QPD Distracted Driving PSA

Video 8 : Click here for the QPD Pedestrian Awareness PSA

Video 9 : Click here for the QPD Weather and Low Light Conditions PSA

Video 10 : Click here for the QPD Pedestrian Signals PSA