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Officers Receive Lifesaving Award

Officers Receive Lifesaving Award

In a ceremony held yesterday at Bentley University, members of the Quincy Police Department received the Municipal Police Training Committee's Lifesaving Award.

During the snow storm of March 2017, Officers Sansevero, Officer Lanergan, and Sergeant Faherty responded to a report of an elderly person who had collapsed in the driveway. The elderly male was shoveling snow and appeared to have suffered a heart attack. Snow was falling at 3" per hour and the winds were 30-40mph. Officers used an AED [automated external defibrillator] and restored the man's heart beat. They used their coats in an attempt to keep him warm until transport. He was taken to Quincy Medical Center, where he later passed away. While the gentleman did not survive, the actions of these officers allowed his family to be with him during his final moments.

These awards are presented annually to officers across the state. Last evening, one hundred and twenty officers from 40 police departments were honored. The keynote speaker was Dan Bennett, Secretary of the Executive Office of Public Safety and Security. There will be a similar ceremony for officers in the western part of the state later this month.

Pictured are: Daniel Zivkovich, Executive Director of Municipal Police Training Committee, Sergeant Patrick Faherty, Officer David Sansevero, Undersecretary of Law Enforcement Jennifer Queally, and Lieutenant Patrick Glynn. Officer William Lanergan is not pictured.