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Officer Foley & his canine partner Charlie receive commendation

Officer Foley & his canine partner Charlie receive commendation

Don't let this sweet face fool you..... this guy has some serious street cred!

Every day our officers go above and beyond the call of duty to keep our city safe. This hard work is often recognized with a quick note of thanks form a citizen, a "great job" by a supervisor, or some other simple show of appreciation. Sometimes, however, a supervisor puts pen to paper and drafts a letter to Chief Keenan to recognize the outstanding work being done by a specific officer, or group of officers. Well, this letter comes from Lt. Robert Gillan, Commander of the Quincy Police Canine Unit. While these numbers are amazing in and of themselves, we assure you this is not a complete representation of all this team has accomplished. It reads, in part....

Chief Keenan,

Between January 2016 and March 2017, Officer Paul Foley and his canine partner Charlie have been directly responsible for a significant amount of counter-narcotic seizures including thousands of dollars in cash, approx. 40 grams of Fentanyl, over 130 grams of Heroin, over 27 grams of Crack Cocaine, and in excess of 3,500 Oxycodone and Suboxone pills.
Officer Foley has been highly successful in intercepting and arresting five identity fraud suspects involved in elaborate narcotic trafficking cases originating out of the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico. During these investigations, Officer Foley effectively coordinated with a multitude of Federal and State Law Enforcement Agencies to ensure these investigations were concluded with the best possible outcome.

In addition to protecting the Citizens of Quincy, Officer Foley and Canine Charlie have been called upon time and again by Federal, State, and Municipal Law Enforcement Agencies throughout the Metro-Boston Region to assist in Counter-Narcotics Interdiction Operations. In each and every case, Officer Foley has represented the Quincy Police Department in the most effective and professional manner.

Office Foley’s devotion and dedication to duty, and stellar past performance as a patrol officer, are a matter of record. Officer Foley’s noteworthy accomplishments during this particular period are very worthy of recognition.

-signed Lt. Gillan

Please join us in thanking Officer Foley and Canine Charlie for a job well done!