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Officer Tara Waters received the Robert P. Dana Distinguished Service Award for Law Enforcement

Officer Tara Waters received the Robert P. Dana Distinguished Service Award for Law Enforcement

On February 26, 2017, a call came in for a possible stabbing at the Jazz Moon Karaoke Bar. Several Officers were dispatched to the scene. Officer Waters was the first to arrive. As Officer Waters pulled up to the bar, she was met by a man who stated that the female victim was inside. Officer Waters asked where the person was who stabbed the victim and the man said he didn’t know. When Officer Waters entered the bar, she immediately saw a woman on the floor surrounded by a large amount of blood with another man holding napkins to the victim’s neck. Officer Waters took over applying pressure to the wound, called for an ambulance and updated dispatch on the severity of the injury. The ambulance arrived on scene and gave Officer Waters a towel to apply pressure to the neck. Upon removing the napkins, Officer Waters realized the victim had a serious wound to her left arm. Officer Waters yelled for a tourniquet and placed it on the victims left arm above the wound. As the victim began losing consciousness, along with large amounts of blood, the victim was placed on a stretcher and transported to the ambulance while Officer Waters continued to apply pressure. While in the ambulance, Officer Waters assisted with applying pressure to the wound as the ambulance personnel cut off the victims clothing trying to determine if the victim had any other injuries. The victim was transported to Boston Medical Center and brought directly into the trauma room, then later transferred to the operating room. Officer Waters followed the ambulance to the hospital, gathered the victim’s blood soaked clothing and personal belongings as evidence, and turned them over to the detective unit.

We commend her for her quick actions in assessing the situation and rendering vital first aid to the victim, all without regard for her own safety, which ultimately saved the woman’s life.

The Robert P. Dana Award is named for a Metropolitan police officer who was shot and killed by a suspect during a traffic stop in Milton in 1984.

Congratulations, Tara!