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Job Well Done

Job Well Done

On Wednesday, March 1, 2017 at approximately 10:30 a.m., Officers Robert Sweetland and Ken Wood were dispatched to the 800 block of Southern Artery after a caller reported a suspicious male who entered the front porch area of her home. Upon arrival, Officer Sweetland met with the female caller who said that she was driving her mother home and as she pulled into the driveway of the Southern Artery address, she observed an unknown male enter the front porch area. She watched as the male placed money under the front door mat which was inside of the porch. The porch is enclosed by walls and windows and the door is a sliding glass door. She told the Officers that the male attempted to speak to her inside of her vehicle, but she locked the doors and refused to speak with him. The male, who was not intimidating, then walked away in an unknown direction. The caller notified the Quincy Police and then went out to the neighborhood to relocate the male. Since she couldn’t find the male, she returned home and searched the area where the male had been on the porch. She discovered inside the recycle bin an empty pack of cigarettes which contained white oval pills. Upon Officer Sweetland’s arrival, she pointed out the empty cigarette pack, which he took as evidence. The caller provided the Officers with a description of the male suspect, describing him as white, in his 30's, balding, and wearing a red and blue or gray coat. She also stated that he was carrying a Dunkin Donuts cup. A description of the male was provided to Quincy Police communications. Officer Wood, checking yards and driveways, located a male fitting that description coming out from a nearby office building on Southern Artery. The Officers stopped the male and asked for identification, which he provided. He was advised of his Miranda rights and said he understood. The male said that he was in the building for a dentist appointment. When asked what he was doing at the house in question, the male said that his sister just moved into an apartment there. The male said he lives in Plymouth and confirmed that he did take money from the porch and secondly, that he had his sister’s pills in Plymouth and was returning them to her. He also stated that she owed him $100. He added that when the car pulled into the driveway he was only attempting to introduce himself. When asked why the pills were not in a pill bottle, he stated that he did not bring them all. He then voluntarily offered his cell phone to Officer Sweetland so that he could look at the messages he received from his sister. The text messages started from his sister to him on February 28, 2017 which stated, “Hey when u come tomorrow can u plz bring me some johnnies? I haven't had any since the other day! Blah I forgot to ask u today! Wanna help me create a meeting?! Dude we got this.” The male replied, “Ok but don't forget that $, don’t forget to let me know where you're going to leave that money and I'll leave the joys there.” The next message was from his sister who wrote, “I won't forget bro, I'll take a pic. Love you.” The next text was a picture of the porch area of the residence. At 8:48 a.m., she texted him and stated, “It's under the first mat when you open the slider so it's 100 bucks under there and when you walk in to there is a blue recycling bin to your left stick the Johnny's under a paper in the bucket.” Then she stated “Are u ok?” The next text from her to him is as follows, “Dude this sux there are cameras outside of my place and the owner saw u grab $ then put pills in. Doesn't know it's u but it basically looked like a transaction! I'm f@#$%^.” Then at 10:36 a.m., the male writes, “Omg wtf and I'm waiting in front of my dentist she's right there in the car do you want me to go tell her I was leaving you get medication I'm your brother.” She then writes, “I'm at the dr gotta call ya back, Ok I will and that's the sister wtf stop please I'm gunna be homeless.” Pictures of the text messages were taken by Officer Sweetland and uploaded for the report. It was determined that the “johnnies” pills were Gabapentin. The male was placed under arrest and transported to the station for booking. The male suspect, a 34 year old Plymouth resident, was charged with “Possession of a Class E substance with Intent to Distribute.” The pills and the male suspect’s cell phone were taken as evidence. Nice Work!  

STOLEN MOTOR VEHICLES: 200 block of Beale Street, 300 block of Palmer Street

CAR BREAKS: Taffrail Road, Lunt Street (3), Bates Avenue, Brook Road, Highpoint Circle, President’s Lane, Webster Street, Quadrant Circle

BREAKS AND ATTEMPTED BREAKS: Edison Park, President’s Lane, 900 block of Sea Street (arrest)