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2016-17 Lead Service Replacement Program


At your Department of Public Works, doing our part to provide safe, clean water to all of our residents and businesses remains among our highest priorities.  Quincy's water is supplied by the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority (MWRA), which was created in 1985. The sources of our water are the Quabbin and Wachusett Reservoirs which are located west of Boston. These reservoirs supply water to 51 communities providing a combined 200 million gallons a day of high quality water. The watersheds are naturally protected with over 85% of the watersheds covered in forest and wetlands. The streams and reservoirs are tested often and patrolled daily by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation.


MWRA water is monitored by a state-of-the-art system, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure it remains free from contaminants. Licensed treatment operators treat drinking water according to strict state and federal regulations. Treatment includes ozonation, ultraviolet light, chlorine, fluoride, sodium carbonate and carbon dioxide. These treatments provide primary, secondary and residual disinfectants, corrosion control, and promote dental health. Annual and monthly test results are posted by the MWRA on its website, which can be found by clicking here. The MWRA also tests over 1,600 water samples at point locations before the water reaches our taps.


Although lead is no longer used or installed in water distribution systems, it still may be found in some older homes and buildings.  This Department and the MWRA value transparency and information sharing. Each year, Quincy collects water samples from 15 homes across the City and submits these samples to the MWRA for testing. Quincy consistently meets or exceeds testing criteria and requirements.  We believe we have the safest and best tasting water in the country and we intend to keep it that way.


In our continuing efforts to be transparent and helpful regarding this vitally important public health issue, this letter is to inform you that the records we maintain at the Department of Public Works indicate that your privately owned water service connection pipe carrying water from the publicly owned main in the street to your home may be  lead.  
While properly treated water limits the dangers of lead pipes, these service lines do increase your risk of exposure and should be replaced.  Elevated levels of lead can impact normal physical and mental development of fetuses, infants and young children, cause deficits in the attention span, hearing and learning abilities of children and increase blood pressure in adults.


This Department is proud of its accomplishments in providing quality drinking water that meets all federal standards for public health, including compliance with the Lead and Copper Rule.   For five (5) consecutive years we have earned the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection’s Drinking Water Program Public Water System Award for Outstanding Performance and Achievement. However, we remain concerned about the presence of lead lines in our service area and we are committed to eliminating this problem.  Based on our records and understanding of historic construction practices, we believe that there are approximately 150 private lead service lines in use in our service area that need to be replaced.


As the Commissioner of Public Works, I am pleased to report to you that Mayor Koch has authorized us to file an application before the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority seeking a 1.5 million dollar no interest loan to replace all of these lines at no cost to the property owner.


As part of this program the Department will:


  • Solicit bids from reputable  contractors that are experienced in doing this type of work.
  • Select a contractor.
  • Ask each participating property owner to execute a Right of Entry Form that will authorize us to enter the property and make the necessary repairs.
  • Replace your existing lead service line with a copper service line.


Our ultimate goal is to eliminate lead from all privately owned water service lines, which greatly minimizes the presence and therefore the risk of lead in our homes.  If you have any questions about this important initiative, you can contact Water/Sewer Operations Manager Paul Della Barba at (617) 376-1406 or Senior Engineer Peter Hoyt at (617) 376-1912. 


To view a map of the effected building, please click here.


To see a list of the effected building please click here.


DISCLAIMER: The map provided by the City of Quincy is based on information directly provided and acquired during physical inspections. The City does not guarantee the accuracy of the map which shall be used for the sole purpose of providing property owners and residents with information regarding their private water services and not for any commercial, legal or other use. These records will be updated on a monthly basis, or at such alternate times as the City designates. The City reserves the right to alter, amend or terminate at any time the display of these records.