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City Recognizes 2021 Neat Neighbor Award Winners

City Recognizes 2021 Neat Neighbor Award Winners

Mayor Thomas Koch and the Department of Natural Resources recently recognized 30 properties as recipients of this year’s “Neat Neighbors” designation. The contest allows people to nominate a property that beautifies their yards in the spirit of a cleaner and greener Quincy. The City received more than 90 nominees and picked winners at random from those that met the program qualifications.

“We are happy to recognize those residents that go above and beyond to keep their properties looking beautiful,” said Mayor Thomas Koch. “This is a labor of love for many people. They work very hard to help improve the overall aesthetics of our great city by taking good care of their properties. Their work has a ripple effect on improving the quality of life in our city and we should recognize them.”

This year’s “Neat Neighbors” are:

  • Peggy and Dan Gorman of 1396 Quincy Shore Drive
  • Mark Keane of 1428 Quincy Shore Drive
  • John Hayes of 57 Squanto Road
  • Tom McIntyre of 38 Bird Street
  • Donna and Sam Micelli of 15 Charles Street
  • Paul Cook of 15 Crest Street
  • Gayle McDonald of 22 Viden Road
  • Maria Iacovangelo of 23-25 Dysart Street
  • Jesus Romo Llamas of 76 Dysart Street
  • Richard Battista of 166 Phipps Street
  • Chen Xin of 20 Lincoln Avenue
  • Deborah Panoff of 39 Forbes Hill Road
  • Diane and Dennis Sitowski of 28 Fairview Road
  • Tom Mellor of 164 Wilson Avenue
  • Gary Hansen of 172 Hamilton Avenue
  • Barbara Donlon of 1 Douglas Street
  • Jennifer Weng of 156 Liberty Street
  • Ray DiBona of 47-49 Trafford Street
  • Steve Cahoon / Dottie Muscato of 73 White Street
  • Andy and Stacie Billard of 8 Prospect Hill Street
  • Will Porter of 72 Elm Avenue
  • Yang Family of 48 Newton Avenue
  • Liu Shu Fang of 24-26 Merrymount Avenue
  • Tom and Celeste Devlin of 68 Phillips Street
  • The Cavicchi Family of 108 Davis Street
  • Diane Curran of 56 Ocean Avenue
  • Candace Golden of 7 Sonoma Road
  • Leo Keenan of 45 Sycamore Road
  • The Wygonowski Family of 213 Billings Street
  • Will and Gina Scanlon of 15 Glendale Road

Each winner will receive a $30 gift certificate to a local garden center to assist with next Spring’s beautification efforts.

“Our hope is that beautification is contagious,” said Commissioner of Natural Resources Dave Murphy. “One property can improve a whole block. The work that our Neat Neighbors do makes for a more livable and beautiful city for all of us. I encourage every resident to do their part to help keep Quincy looking great.”