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Special Temporary Exhibit in Old Town Hall Museum

Special Temporary Exhibit in Old Town Hall Museum

The Quincy Historical Society is happy to announce the opening of a special temporary exhibit in Old Town Hall - Quincy and “the Common Defense.” Designed in conjunction with the dedication of the new Generals Bridge and Park downtown, this exhibit was curated by the Quincy Historical Society. It accompanies a display of portraits and an exploration of the careers of the seven generals honored as part of the new Generals Bridge and Park.

Quincy and “the Common Defense” reflects upon the history of military service in Quincy through letters, memorabilia, and the stories of men and women who served in eras from the Revolution to the Vietnam War. These include the stories of how the first Mayor of Quincy became a key community recruiter for the Civil War, and how a welding inspector at the Fore River Shipyard named James Kilroy started a fad - writing "Kilroy was here" - that spanned both hemispheres during World War II. Also highlighted are the wartime efforts made by men and women on the home front in Quincy, whether by working at the Fore River Shipyard or simply by saving up their kitchen grease. The artifacts on display come from the collections of Quincy Historical Society & Museum as well as the United States Naval Shipbuilding Museum on board the U.S.S. Salem.

Quincy’s military history is as old as the country itself, and we are very pleased to present visitors with a sampling of stories from our records and artifacts from our archives, as an overview of the proud legacy of our City and its extraordinary residents.

Lastly, a guest book is provided at the end of the exhibit with an invitation to share your own memories or reflections on service to one’s country and community, and an opportunity to add any stories of local residents we may be unaware of.

Located in Old Town Hall at 1305 Hancock St., the museum is open to the public weekdays from 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. For more information about the Generals Bridge and Park, visit