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Renovations Underway at LaBrecque Field in Hough’s Neck

Renovations Underway at LaBrecque Field in Hough’s Neck

Mayor Thomas Koch announced that renovations have begun at LaBrecque Field in Hough’s Neck. The City’s Department of Natural Resources will be installing a new playground and shade shelter, renovating the basketball court and softball diamond, and installing a perimeter walking path. The project is being completed as part of Mayor Koch’s Park Capital Improvement Plan approved by the City Council in 2017. The new playground is being funded through the Community Preservation Act.

The playground will be moved closer to the parking lot to provide easier access for parents. There will be new trees planted in the park. Exercise equipment will be placed along the perimeter walking trail to encourage health and fitness.

Councilor Dave McCarthy has been working with the local community to develop a plan that meets the local community’s needs. Work has begun at the park and will continue through September.

“I want to thank Councilor McCarthy for his leadership on this important neighborhood project,” said Mayor Koch. “Through community feedback, we have developed a plan that best fits the community’s needs in Hough’s Neck. I want to thank all those residents that took the time to respond and offer their feedback.”

In addition to the new equipment, the old baseball backstop will be removed. The commemorative bricks and stones installed during the prior community-built playground will be preserved and incorporated into the new design.

Added Mayor Koch, “The pandemic has reinforced the importance of health and fitness. The perimeter walking path will allow neighborhood residents a chance to work out locally and enjoy the activity and scenery in the park. We received great feedback about the walking path at Kincaide Park and hope to add similar opportunities at neighborhood parks around the city.”

This playground is one of 30 playground locations being improved by the Department of Natural Resources through the Community Preservation Fund. Mayor Koch applied for $5.3 million in playground improvement funds in 2017 that were approved by the Community Preservation Committee and the City Council.

“We are extremely grateful for everyone’s support of this project; Mayor Koch, the CPC and the Council,” said Commissioner of Natural Resources Dave Murphy. “This is the type of success we can have when we are all working together.”

The field in named in honor of Alfred N. LaBrecque, a veteran of World War I who went on to serve on the Quincy City Council. LaBrecque was a strong advocate for the people of Hough’s Neck and served as City Council President.