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Mayor Koch Announces 2021 Neat Neighbors Contest

Mayor Koch Announces 2021 Neat Neighbors Contest

Mayor Thomas Koch announces that the annual Neat Neighbors Contest will once again recognize Quincy residents who maintain their property in the spirit of a cleaner and greener Quincy. The Neat Neighbors contest is an annual recognition of property owners that keep up their yards and their property. Each year, thirty properties throughout the city are recognized for their hard work in keeping Quincy looking great.

If you have a friend, relative, or neighbor that you want to nominate, you can call the Department of Natural Resource at (617) 376-1251 or email The contest will stay open from June through Labor Day. All nominees will be viewed to ensure compliance with the standards of the program and then the 30 winners will be picked at random from those that meet the minimum requirements. This is not a comparative competition.

“Each year, many residents spent countless time and considerable effort and resources to make their properties look nice,” said Mayor Koch. “This has a strong, positive impact on our neighborhoods and makes our city the livable city that it is. I want to thank all those that work hard and take pride in their properties.”

The winners of the contest will all receive a $25 gift certificate to a local garden center in recognition of their work.

“I hope this program not only recognizes those that are already maintaining their properties, but also encourages those that are not,” said Dave Murphy, Commissioner of Natural Resources. “A well-maintained property can have a ripple effect on the entire neighborhood, but so can a property that isn’t being maintained. We ask all our residents to work together to keep our neighborhoods looking great. It’s a team effort.”