Project Highlights

On this page you will find details for some of the projects managed by Traffic, Parking, Alarm and Lighting. The status of the projects listed here may vary between upcoming, ongoing and completed. If you have any questions about these or any other projects managed by TPAL, please contact 617-376-1478.

Ongoing Projects


Speed Feedback Installation

The City is in the middle of a campaign to improve public safety by targeting speeding vehicles at various locations throughout Quincy. TPAL is installing speed feedback signs on over 20 streets

Speed feedback signs are electronic traffic calming devices designated to alert drivers of their speed relative to the speed limit. Drivers that are violating the speed limit are alerted by flashing text to slow down.

This project is expected to be complete in Spring of 2021. The work is being completed by City of Quincy staff. 


Hancock Street at Russell Park Traffic Cabinet 

The City is moving forward with the installation of a new cabinet at the intersection of Hancock Street at Russell Park and the Quincy Center MBTA driveway. The signal at this location is currently controlled as part of a coordinated system with the intersection of Hancock Street at Adams St.

Adding a new traffic cabinet will allow the two intersections to operate independently, allowing the signals to better serve the needs of each intersection separately, which will reduce pedestrian and vehicle wait times. The two intersections will remain coordinated via an adaptive traffic control system, ensuring easy travel through the area.

Improvements will also be made to pedestrian equipment, where audible buttons will be installed to bring the intersection into compliance with ADA accessibility standards. Pedestrian times and phasing will also be modified to reduce wait times and improve overall efficiency.

The project is set to begin in February 2021 and will continue over the course of the Spring. 

Complete Streets 2020-2021

The City has been awarded a grant through MassDOT's Complete Streets program for mobility improvements at several locations. The projects were selected after a rigorous planning process, in which the City, with help from residents and business owners, identified and prioritized nearly 70 projects. Complete Streets projects are those with the goal of providing safe and accessible options for users of all modes of transportation - vehicles, bicycles, pedestrians and transit - for people of all ages and abilities. These projects are slated for completion Spring 2021. 

Complete Streets 1 - Southern Artery at McGrath Highway - COMPLETE

The scope of this project includes upgrades to ADA pedestrian accessibility at the intersection, including installation of APS "smart" pedestrian buttons, new ADA ramps at non-compliant crossings and new pedestrian walk/don't walk indicators with countdown timers. The plan for this project can be found here.

Complete Streets 2 - Bike Lane Improvements - Coddington, Quarry and Granite Streets

The scope of this project includes improvements to bicycle facilities on Coddington, Quarry and Granite Streets through the creation of dedicated bicycle lanes using pavement markings, signage and in some locations, flex post delineators. The project also provides new sidewalks and ADA crossing ramps on Coddington Street.

This project will implement a road diet of Quarry Street between the Avalon Development and Granite Street, which will be reduced to one lane in each direction though use of flex post delineators. This change will provide traffic calming on the street, with the goal of reducing speeds to make it safer for all users. 

The plan for this project can be found here.

Adams Street at Newport Ave and Burgin Parkway

A project is underway to upgrade the traffic signals at this intersection, including new fisheye vehicle detection camera and accessibility upgrades to pedestrian facilities. The project calls for installation of "smart" pedestrian buttons and redesign of ADA ramps and crossings. This project improves safety for all road users, while repairing deficient infrastructure and conforming to current ADA standards. Decorative mast arms will help to carry the theme of historic Downtown Quincy to this location which is adjacent to Adams Historical National Park. 

This project has been awarded to a vendor and is expected to continue throughout spring and summer of 2021. The plan for this project can be found here.


Other Ongoing Projects

Upcoming Projects

  • Southern Artery at Washington St Signal Improvement
  • Granite St at Hannon Pkwy Turn Arrow Improvement

Recently Completed Projects

  • Construction of Hancock Parking Garage
  • North Quincy Decorative Streetlight Replacement
  • Quincy Avenue Road Diet and Pedestrian Improvement 
  • Hancock at Elm Ave Signal Upgrade
  • Beale Street at Old Colony Ave Pedestrian Improvement 
  • Bicycle Improvements on Billings Rd, Washington St and Adams St
  • Furnace Brook Parkway Detection Upgrades