To schedule a curbside pick-up of Appliances, Scrap Metal, TVs and Monitors call (617) 376-7556, two full business days before your regular trash pick-up day.

The City of Quincy provides weekly curbside trash and recycling collection for its residents of one- to eight-family dwellings and condominiums through Capitol Waste Services, Inc. Curbside collection services are performed Monday through Friday. Household trash,  generated by the daily operation of normal household tasks, is incinerated at the Covanta Semass "waste-to-energy" facility in W. Wareham, MA.

The Importance of Recycling

Your trash is weighed and the City is billed for its disposal. In fiscal year 2018 the cost for waste disposal was $2,190,638.25.

Recycling costs less. Diverting cardboard, paper, plastic, metal and glass reduces the weight of trash and saves money that can be used to enhance services like education, recreation, senior services and public health and safety. 

Recycling also saves our planet by safeguarding critical finite resources like trees, metals and petroleum.

Another method of trash diversion is textile recycling bins which are available 24/7 in every public school yard in Quincy. 

The DPW yard accepts yardwaste, electronics, appliances, scrap metal and books. Click here  for more information.

NOTE: Recycling processing is experiencing a global shift in acceptable materials. What was once recyclable is no longer. Things like milk and juice cartons, shredded paper and empty aerosol cans are no longer recyclable. In addition, there is zero tolerance for food or fluids in the recycling. Please click here for the latest in acceptable recycling rules.

Businesses and Apartment Buildings

Businesses and apartment buildings with more than eight units must privately contract for solid waste removal. It is illegal for these entities to use the City's curbside collection system. Likewise, it is illegal for anyone to place trash from outside the City curbside for pickup. Anyone can bring recyclables to the DPW yard.

If you see illegal placing of trash, please call a Code Enforcement Officer at (617) 376-1238.

Please have your trash and recycling ready for pick-up by 7:00 AM on the morning of your pick-up day. No rubbish may be placed for collection more than one day prior to scheduled pickup and empty containers shall be removed within one day of pickup. See Collection Schedule here for your pick-up day.


In the event of a holiday, that day's collection and all remaining collection days for the rest of the week will be delayed for one day. 

Missed Pick-up

To report a missed pick-up please use the form here or call Capitol Waste Services, Inc. at (617) 376-7556 .

Helpful Hints

Curbside collectors are not required to lift anything in excess of 50 lbs.

Capitol Waste Services, will dispose of mattresses and box springs, lawn mowers (with gas tanks removed) some furniture.

The ideal size for trash and recycling containers is 32 gallon. Please note that larger containers may hold in excess of 50 lbs and are designed for automated collection.


Please call (617) 376-7556 at least two full business days in advance of your regular trash collection day to arrange for the pick-up of washers, dryers, water heaters, stoves, refrigerators, air conditioners, monitors, TVs and metal. Electronics are accepted at the DPW yard. Click here for more information. See related links How Can I Get Rid of...

Unacceptable Items in the Trash

Massachusetts State Law prohibits the disposal of mercury, construction and demolition debris, paper, cardboard, bottles, cans, yardwaste, TVs, monitors, Ni-cad, Lithium and car batteries, and large appliances in the trash. You can bring these items to the DPW, weather permitting, Monday through Friday from 7:30 am to 3 pm and on Saturdays from mid-April through mid-December. A valid MA Driver’s License with a Quincy address is required to use the yard.

Move-out and Clean-outs

Capitol Waste is not contracted to collect trash or debris from " move-outs " or "clean-outs" of rooms, apartments, basements or garages. Please contract with a private vendor for these activities. See related links below.


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