Water Sewer and Drain Division

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Michael Norton

Michael Norton
Director of Operations

Public Works Building
55 Sea Street
Quincy, MA 02169 

24 Hour Emergency:
(617) 376-1910

Water Billing Question:
(617) 376-1918

Office Hours
Monday - Friday
8:30 AM to 4:30 PM
Closed on Holidays

For all Water/Sewer/Drain issues, with the exception of billing, please call the 24-Hour Emergency number.

(617) 376-1910  


All residents and real estate agents whom need to schedule a final water read, please call the billing department.

(617) 376-1918

or email us by clicking here.


The City of Quincy's Water, Sewer and Drain Division and the Billing Office are funded by an Enterprise Account.  All of the costs associated with operations are paid by Water and Sewer ratepayers.

The Water, Sewer and Drain Division are responsible for water distribution, sewer and drain line management to the commercial and residential communities of the City.  Operations are conducted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with a workforce that consists of highly skilled, experienced, trained, certified and licensed personnel.  

The Water Distribution team provides clean, safe, quality drinking water for the daily essential needs of our residential and commercial customers, in conformity with stringent State and Federal distribution guidelines such as the Safe Drinking Water Act.  

The Water, Sewer and Drain Division operations support Clean Water across the City in our Rivers, Ponds, Brooks and Bays.  They do this through the maintenance of 205 miles of sanitary sewers mains and 3000+ manholes and 150 miles of drain pipes and 9,329 catch basins and other drain assets. In addition to ensuring clean water for all, their hard work results in efficient and consistent sewer service and effective flood prevention. 

The Water and Sewer Billing Office is responsible for auditing and issuing bills to water service customers and is available to answer customer concerns regarding billing and usage issues.  Additionally, the Billing Office monitors a remote metering system for our water customers which allows the office to monitor consumption levels across the City and improve billing accuracy.