Street Sweeping

The City of Quincy prides itself on its clean streets. In this effort we have a fall and spring street sweeping schedule. The schedules are advertised on our City web page, Quincy Access Television and our local newspapers. Sandwich board signs are placed in the area to be swept the day prior to sweeping.

The City continues to sweep throughout the year (weather permitting) with our sweeping maintenance schedule. This schedule concentrates our sweeping on high traffic, business, and trash route areas.

Having clean streets in our city not only provide an aesthetic appeal but prevents salt, sand, leaves, trash and other debris from filling our storm drains and preventing proper drainage. Since many of these storm drains empty out to our waterways and our beaches, the city wants to ensure we continually keep our streets clean.  To assist in our street cleaning efforts, please remove your motor vehicles from your street during the week it will be swept.

Request street sweeping in your area