Snow Removal

The City of Quincy needs everyone's support when the winter months start. To help ensure the City can properly begin to snowplow and Salt and Sand, Please remove your vehicles from the street. If you must park on the street please follow winter parking rules.

Residents should not shovel snow into streets and try to keep storm drains in front of their property clear for drainage. If you are able, please help elderly or disabled neighbors with their walkways and sidewalks.

If you have any questions or problems with snow removal, please call (617) 376-1927 or use the City's snow request application by clicking here

Snow Emergency Parking Rules

Before you park your car on a Quincy street this winter, know the rules;

Overnight parking is prohibited without a resident parking permit, available from the Quincy Police Department.  To obtain an Overnight Parking Permit click here.  Please remember that these resident parking permits are void during snow emergencies.

Parking on an emergency artery during a snow emergency is prohibited. All main streets in the City are posted with signs identifying them as emergency arteries.  For a complete list of emergency arteries, please click here

If your street is a non-emergency street, parking is allowed during a snow emergency on the assigned side of your street (see below)

Cars parked in violation of emergency rules or impede snow plowing operations pose a public safety risk, and WILL BE TOWED. Regardless of parking rules, vehicles determined to be in obstruction of snow removal or emergency vehicles are subject to towing if not moved.

Current Winter Seasons Assigned Street Side

During a Snow Emergency parking is allowed on the ODD side of non-Emergency Artery side streets from November 15, 2019 to April 15, 2020.