HELP (Handicapped-Elderly-Lost Persons)

The Quincy Police Department has established an innovative program available to citizens of any age, who may have a tendency to wander from their home, community program or medical facility in Quincy. Possible reasons for wandering are Alzheimer’s Disease, Dementia and Autism.

This program is also available to those with other medical issues, as well as the mentally challenged. The purpose of this program is to assist the Police and other emergency personnel in locating and returning these citizens home safely.

The H.E.L.P. program is free and it is simple to register. An officer will set up an appointment with the individual to take a digital photo and then complete the application. Each individual will receive a gray rubber bracelet with the inscription, “H.E.L.P. (617) 479-1212.” With this information, the Police Department could locate the missing person quicker by distributing the individual's picture and information to Patrol Officers and emergency personnel. Ideally, a citizen, who recognizes that an individual is having a problem and is wearing the bracelet, would call the Quincy Police.  Officers will be able to cross reference the information and safely return the individual to their home or medical facility.

To set up an appointment, contact either:

Lieutenant Daniel Minton (617) 745-5719  e-mail: Lieutenant Daniel Minton

Carol Flynn (4 to 12 PM)

(617) 745-5831 e-mail: Carol Flynn