For All Emergency Calls: Dial 911

Non-Emergency: (617) 479-1212                        

General Questions: Quincy Police

Please be aware these emails are NOT monitored 24/7

Paul Keenan

Chief of Police
Phone: (617) 745-5712
e-mail: Chief Paul Keenan

Captain John Dougan

Executive Officer
Phone: (617) 745-5716
e-mail: Capt. John Dougan

Michelle Clark
Chief's Secretary
Phone: (617) 745-5712

e-mail: Michelle Clark

Lieutenant Terence McDonnell
Inspector of Divisions/Records Access Officer
Phone: (617) 745-5744

email: Lt Terence McDonnell     

Internal Affairs 
Det. Sergeant Jennifer Tapper
Phone: (617) 745-5757

e-mail: Det. Sgt Jennifer Tapper

Public Information Officer
Det. Sergeant Karyn Barkas

(617) 745-5890

email: Det. Sgt. Karyn Barkas


Patrol Division

Captain John Steele Phone: (617) 745-5780 e-mail: Captain John Steele   
Captain Greg Goyette Phone: (617) 745-5798 e-mail: Captain Greg Goyette
Shift Commander, Lieutenant Phone: (617) 745-5795  
Desk Sergeant Phone: (617) 745-5707  

Detective Bureau

Captain Michael Miller Phone: (617) 745-5770  e-mail: Captain Michael Miller
Lt. Detective Kevin Tobin Phone: (617) 745-5718 e-mail: Lt. Detective Kevin Tobin
Lt. Detective Daniel Guarente Phone: (617) 745-5780 e-mail: Lt. Detective Daniel Guarente
Det. A. J. Carthas Phone: (617) 745-5782 e-mail: Det. AJ Carthas
Det. Jimmy Chen Phone: e-mail: Det. Jimmy Chen
Det. Tom Cleary Phone: (617) 745-5773 e-mail: Det. Tom Cleary
 Det. Michael Eddy   e-mail: Det. Michael Eddy
Det. Jamie Karvelis Phone: (617) 745-5765 e-mail: Det. Jamie Karvelis

Det. Chuck Landry

Phone: (617) 745-5783 e-mail: Det. Chuck Landry
Det. Jason MacIsaac Phone: (617) 745-5771 e-mail: Det. Jason MacIsaac
Det. William Monteith Phone: (617) 745-5767 e-mail: Det. William Monteith
Det. Tom Pepdjonovic  Phone: (617) 745-5774 e-mail: Det. Tom Pepdjonovic
Det. Rick Wash Phone: (617) 745-5762 e-mail: Det. Rick Wash
James McGinley Phone: (617) 745-5764 e-mail: James McGinley
BCI Fax # Phone: (617) 745-5781  

Special Investigations Unit

Det. Lieutenant Patrick Glynn Phone: (617) 745-5750 e-mail: Det. Lt. Patrick Glynn
 Det. Kristen Bowes Phone: (617) 745-5747  e-mail: Det. Kristen Bowes
Det. Declan Breslin Phone: (617) 745-5751 e-mail: Det. Declan Breslin 
Det. Jim Dentremont - Sex Offender Registration Phone: (617) 745-5755 e-mail: Det. Jim Dentremont
Det. James Lencki Phone: (617) 745-5752 e-mail: Det. James Lencki
Det. John McIsaac Phone: (617) 745-5756 e-mail: Det. John McIsaac
Det. John Menz Phone: (617) 745-5853 e-mail: Det. John Menz
Det. Paul Pieper Phone: (617) 745-5754 e-mail: Det. Paul Pieper
Det. AnnMarie Reilly Phone: (617) 745-5753  e-mail: Det. AnnMarie Reilly
Officer Melanie Reeves - DARE Phone: (617) 745-5735 e-mail: Officer Melanie Reeves
Officer Don Sautter - DARE Phone: (617) 745-5735 e-mail: Officer Don Sautter
Jail Diversion Clinician Phone: (617) 745-5886
Maureen Flores - Domestic Violence Advocate Phone: (617) 745-5863 e-mail: Maureen Flores
SIU Fax # Fax: (617) 745-5846  

Special Operations Unit

Captain Richard McCusker Phone: (617) 745-5851  e-mail: Capt. McCusker
 Lt. Mark Kennedy SWAT, MOP, Crisis Negotiation   e-mail: Lt. Mark Kennedy
 Lt. Robert Gillan K-9 Unit, Marine Unit, SCUBA Unit  Phone: (617) 594- 4848  e-mail: Lt. Robert Gillan
Lieutenant Robert Bina Community Police (CP) Phone: (617) 770-4993 e-mail: Lt. Robert Bina
CP Officer Roger White Phone: (857) 342-0523  e-mail: Officer Roger White
CP Officer William Mitchell Phone: (617) 594-2082 e-mail: Officer William Mitchell 
CP Officer Matthew Miller  Phone: (617) 594-2070 e-mail: Officer Matthew Miller
CP Officer Timothy Simmons Phone: (339) 235-6662 e-mail: Officer Timothy Simmons 
CP Officer Jimmie Whedbee Phone: (617) 483-0599 e-mail: Officer Jimmie Whedbee
CP Officer Jim Silcox Phone: (339) 237-1575 e-mail: Officer Jim Silcox
CP Officer Greg Mar Phone: (617) 594-2028 e-mail: Officer Greg Mar
 CP Officer Gregg Hartnett Phone:  e-mail: Officer Gregg Hartnett

Crime Prevention

Lt. Daniel Minton
Phone: (617) 745-5719  e-mail: Lt.Daniel Minton

Drug Control Unit

 Lt. Detective Patrick Glynn Phone: (617) 745-5750 e-mail: Lt. Detective Patrick Glynn
 Drug Hotline / Tips Phone: (617) 328-4527  

Police Court Prosecutors

Det. Sgt. Dennis Maloney   e-mail: Det. Sgt. Dennis Maloney
Det. Tim Moran   e-mail: Det. Tim Moran

Traffic Division

Lt. Matthew Tobin Phone: (617) 745-5795 e-mail: Lt. Matt Tobin
Officer Terry Downing Phone: (617) 745-5824 e-mail: Officer Terry Downing
Officer Bill Plant - Resident Parking Permits Phone: (617) 745-5811 e-mail: Officer Bill Plant
Officer Paul Coughlin Phone: (617) 745-5852 e-mail: Officer Paul Coughlin

Records Bureau

 Guns / FID Phone: (617) 745-5819  
Citations Phone: (617) 745-5813  
 Accident Reports / Hackney Phone: (617) 745-5815  
 Restraining Orders / 51A Phone: (617) 745-5720  
 Parking Permits Phone: (617) 745-5814  
 Fax # Phone: (617) 745-5810