Wollaston Urban Renewal Plan


The Urban Revitalization Plan (URP) for the Wollaston Urban Revitalization District (WURD) was initiated by the City of Quincy Department of Planning and Community Development. As large-scale, high density mixed-use development continues to transform Quincy Center, the City has shifted its focus to the revitalization of Wollaston Center. While Wollaston Center has been and continues to be an important neighborhood center and business district, it has experienced pockets of disinvestment, neglect, and missed opportunities. As such, the City is focused on exploring uses and redevelopment options to encourage Wollaston Center to flourish as a vibrant, walkable, affordable, and diverse, mixed-use neighborhood. The Urban Renewal Area consists of approximately 114 parcels which contain approximately 106 structures within a total land area of approximately 50.75 acres. Approximately 66% of the buildings within the URA pre-date 1940.  To be added to the Wollaston Email List for future updates to this plan, please click here

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April 14, 2021 - Notice of Public Hearing

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Revised Wollaston URDP 4-9-21

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