Fair Housing Committee


The Quincy Fair Housing Committee was established in 1984 and is made up of members from a broad spectrum of public and private groups that include persons with a strong interest and desire to promulgate fair housing policy. Please browse the Fact Sheet below for more information.

Fair Housing Committee Fact Sheet

Please also browse the Fair Housing Committee documents below. If you have further questions or need more information on this program or please call:
(617) 376-1363

Fair Housing Committee Documents

Fair Housing Plan
Fair Housing Mission Statement & Principals
Foreclosure Counseling Brochure
Guide to Senior Housing

Fair Housing Committee Members

Brian Buckley
Kathy Healy
Nancy Callanan 
Kathy Quigley
John Chen Carolyn Sheppard
Terry Connor Robert Stevens
Thomas Fabrizio Janice Tucker
Judy Farmer Robert Ulchak
Sean Glennon