Germantown and Quincy Point Beaches

Firestation Beach

Fire Station Beach

This little-known, but magnificent, beach is on the Fore River and Rock Island Cove. Beautiful and picturesque, this beach is one of Quincy's hidden environmental jewels. This year, a NEW boardwalk leads to the sandy beach.

Sailors Snug Harbor

Sailors Snug Harbor is owned by Quincy Housing Authority. It lies on the banks of the Town River. Left mostly in its natural state, the beach offers easy walking and views of tankers coming into Town River Bay.

Baker Beach

Baker beach

Baker Beach (Broady) is a small neighborhood beach in Germantown, located on Palmer Street near Broady Street, on the Town River. Amenities include a playground and a picnic area. Parking is difficult because the Palmer street entrance to the beach is on a main road. However, the M.B.T.A. does have bus routes that travel to the beach on a frequent basis.

Mound Street Beach

Mound Street Beach is located on Mound Street in Quincy Point. Mound Beach is a moderately sized beach that has close to 180 yards of beachfront. It is one of the City's largest sandy beaches and offers swimming, benches, picnic tables, adjoining soccer fields, and playgrounds. There is parking and the M.B.T.A. has a bus route that will drop you close to the beach.

Avalon Beach 

Avalon Beach is a long narrow beach located on Avalon Road in Quincy Point. From Washington Street, turn left onto Washington Court and then bear right onto Avalon Road. It borders Twin Rivers and the Marina. With approximately 150-200 yards of beachfront, it offers swimming, park benches, shade trees and picnic tables. On street parking is available and the M.B.T.A. has a bus route close to the beach.