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Welcome to the Park Division

This site contains information intended to assist you in utilizing the services we provide. Our goal is to balance the needs of the public with the overall needs of our park system and urban forest.

It is our hope that this information creates a better understanding of the services and facilities available to the residents of Quincy.

The City of Quincy has 52 municipal park locations, 11 municipal beach areas and numerous open space areas. There are currently 35 basketball courts, 23 tennis courts, 27 little league/softball fields, 8 regulation baseball diamonds, 5 soccer / lacrosse fields, 3 football fields, a new state-of-the-art skateboard park and an in-line skate-facility. Many of our park areas are multi-use facilities, meaning that during different seasons, they are used for different activities.

The city also offers 28 "tot-lot" or children's playgrounds. There are also 10 other locations with playground equipment for young children to use.

11 of the City's park locations are "passive" parks without recreational facilities. These parks can be used for walking, sitting or just plain relaxing. There are also 2 family picnic facilities offered by the city during the spring and summer months.

We would be happy to hear any suggestions as to how we can better serve the public through this site.