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One Merrymount Parkway
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Phone: (617) 376-1289
David Murphy
Chris Hayward

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The Department of Natural Resource's Forestry Division is responsible for the maintenance and care of the approximately 20,000 trees that line our city's streets and the countless trees in our parks and open spaces. The Forestry Division receives approximately 1,500 requests for tree-care each year.

The Forestry Division operates in accordance with Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 87 (Public Shade Tree Act) and will remove municipal trees only if they are dead, in severe decline or pose a threat to public safety. Other tree duties include trimming, raising and pruning of our trees.

The Forestry Division staffs two International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) certified arborists who perform site visits for each tree call received and make recommendations for work based on their professional assessment.

View the city's Tree Protection Ordinance.

If you would like to submit a form to be considered for future new tree planting, please click here.