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Chris Hayward

Chris Hayward, MCA
Tree Warden

One Merrymount Parkway
Quincy, MA 02170

Phone: (617) 376-1289 
Chris Hayward

Office Hours
8:30 AM to 4:30 PM
Monday - Saturday
Closed on Holidays

The Tree Warden for the city of Quincy, Chris Hayward joined the city of Quincy in 2019.  Below you will find a list of his education and career background.

  • Graduated from Bridgewater State College 1996 
  •  Bachelor of Science (Environmental Geography)
  • 8 years at CDM as a Wetlands Scientist/CAD Operator
  • Completed New England Soil Science Certificate program UMASS, 2004
  • Town of Watertown’s Conservation/Preservation Agent, Tree Warden, August 2005 – November 2017
  • Massachusetts Certified Arborist, October 2007
  • Appointed to the Watertown Storm Water Advisory Committee, 2009
  • President of the Massachusetts Tree Wardens and Foresters Association (MTWFA), 2011-2012
  • MTWFA 2017 Tree Warden of the Year recipient
  • Town of Needham, Director of Conservation, 2017-2018
  • Town of Watertown Forestry Supervisor/Tree Warden, 2018-2019

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