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Welcome to the Department of Natural Resources Page.  The Department of Natural Resources, comprised of 5 divisions Parks, Forestry, Recreation, Cemetery and Environmental.  This site contains information intended to assist you in utilizing the services that the Department of Natural Resources provides.  

Below you will find a short description of each of the divisions.  It is our hope that this information creates a better understanding of the services and facilities available to the residents of Quincy.  We would be happy to hear any suggestions as to how we can better serve the public through this site.

Park Division

In addition to maintaining dozens of active and passive municipal park locations, the Parks Division cares for city beaches, landscaped traffic islands, QPS school grounds and assists with various special events like Cleaner Greener Quincy, Flag Day Parade and fireworks, ArtsFest, and the annual Christmas Parade.

Forestry Division

The Forestry Division is responsible for trees in the public way. They perform ongoing maintenance/pruning and dangerous tree removal. Tree crews are certified arborists with program management overseen by a certified Tree Warden.

Recreation Division

The Recreation Division is committed to providing year-round opportunities for safe, comprehensive, and quality recreation experiences through programs, services and facilities for the enjoyment of all our residents. Our leaders and staff, many of whom are teachers and educators, contribute in a meaningful way to the quality of life in Quincy.

Cemetery Division

The Cemetery Division is committed to serving the people of Quincy by providing local, affordable and beautiful cemeteries for Quincy residents. We value the local cemetery as a way that people, especially those with limited range of travel, can pay their respects to their loved ones on a regular basis.

Environmental Division

The City of Quincy is home to a wonderful assortment of natural resources, including beaches and coastal areas, salt marshes, wetlands, ponds, rivers and streams, estuaries, parks, and conservation land. The Environmental Division is responsible for overseeing the restoration and long-term maintenance of these resources so that they will remain valuable and enjoyable for generations to come.

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