Zoning Ordinances

Thank you for visiting the City of Quincy Zoning Ordinance Page. Mayor Koch commissioned the biggest overhaul of the City's Zoning Code in a generation, and the process was completed in the summer of 2011.

We have divided the zoning code into sections, with links below and on the left sidebar. To access the full .pdf Zoning Ordinance document, click here.

If you have any questions about zoning, please contact Jay Duca, Director of Inspectional Services, at 617-376-1456, or email him by clicking here.

Section One: Purpose and Authority

Section Two: Districts

Section Three: Use Regulations

Section Four: Dimensional Regulations

Section Five: General Regulations

Section Six: Special Regulations

Section Seven: Special Residential Regulations

Section Eight: Special Districts

Section Nine: Administration and Procedures

Section Ten: Definitions